Sunday, March 21, 2010


There are a few families at school as large as mine, only a couple larger. The vast majority of families at school have one or two children, though there are a decent amount of three child families.

People ask me all the time how much harder it is to have 4 than 3. Truthfully, it's not much harder. Once you have two, you have to learn to spread yourself out, you have to learn how to be wholly wrapped up in worrying, teaching and mothering more than one child. The third, at least for me, wasn't much harder. And by the fourth, it was literally an issue of just throwing another car seat in the car. Really.

But I'd suppose that my ease with parenting is not something that happened by accident. I have four kids, and I can handle having four kids. Most of the time, anyway. I know many, many people who don't think they could. And who are probably right.

There is one in particular who often tells me that my family serves as a reminder for her to take her birth control. Gee, so glad I provide that service for you. I'm so glad that there mere thought of having more kids terrifies you. That my kids terrify you. (I'm being a little sarcastic this morning, aren't I?)

I do have to say though, she has a point.

Maybe it is because, unlike what most people think, it is possible to care about, worry about, parent and love the fourth child just as much as the first. It just requires that I put myself last a lot of the time. I don't usually have the time or energy to worry about how I feel, or think about what I want. Having a lot of kids requires more sacrifice on my part. On my husband's part. And a lot of people just aren't cut out for that.

Without going into too many details, I haven't slept much this week. Between asthma, teething, injuries and worry, I've been up. A lot. Something is going on with every single one of my four right now, and it can get to the point of being overwhelming at times. But it is what it is. They are mine to worry about. To parent. To love.

It's the hardest job in the universe and it's the best job in the universe. Even if it also serves as a reminder to others to avoid it.

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  1. Our house hasn't been much fun either. Both kids were sick two weeks ago, then hubby, now I have a cold and Rebecca's teething and trying to crawl...and sleep is almost non-existant right now, and I am not a nice person without sleep. I can go w/out food, but sleep...I am not too nice. So, I am so sorry that you are not getting the sleep you need to be the best Mommy you can be, because let's face it, lack of sleep is tough. Especially when you finally get one back in bed asleep, and another starts to cry. i told Charlotte today when she asked if I was "happy" that Mommy was thinking about renting a hotel room and sleeping undisturbed for two days:) But we all know that is next to impossible so I am as happy as I can be with two hours of sleep two nights in a row.


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