Monday, March 29, 2010


Right now, I'm not really here. I'm trying to write a few posts before leaving, so that the blog doesn't just sit idle for the entire time I am gone. This particular entry was inspired by my preparations for the trip, the things I was checking off on my to-do list.

To go anywhere that involves any length of time in a confined space with children, there are certain things a mother needs to retain her sanity. Snacks, diapers and wipes, water bottles and juice boxes are required of course, but there are other things. Like the Frappucinos hidden deep at the bottom of my ice chest. Don't even think about touching those bad boys, they belong to me.

One of the required items is of course the DVD player and a nice big stack of movies to keep their interest. I need enough movies that I don't start to tire of the same songs and cheesy lines, though I never get tired of listening to my kids laugh at all the same parts of the movies. Aidan in particular has a laugh that warms your soul from within, it's as if he literally giggles from the bottoms of his toes. Never gets old.

As I was going through the list for the final time, I remembered something that had not made it on to the list at all. My CDs. I don't have an ipod. Not because I don't want one, but because my husband doesn't believe that I would use it enough to justify it. Okay, so he is probably right. I'm just not that technologically savvy. The downside though to the fact that he has an ipod, and is the chief entertainment officer in our family, and thus responsible for almost all music purchases, is that he doesn't buy CDs anymore and hasn't in a very long time. I would be hard pressed to think of the last one he bought. Without him and his ipod, I'm all pre-2005.

It's okay though, I don't need new and shiny. I have a batch of old CDs that will work just fine. In fact, I put a specific set of CDs back into the player in the car. The CD equivalents of mix tapes. Remember those??? I got them from my husband many years ago. Before we moved to Colorado, he made them for me to listen to on the drive here in the car. He, of course, had his ipod.

The CDs have never left the car in all those years. But they were gradually replaced with kid music, one by one. I dug them all out of the compartment and put them back in while waiting for the kids to get out of school one day. Listening to them on the ride home, I was suddenly overcome with nostalgia and emotion. These songs, the ones that I listened to over and over again on that long drive here have a special place in my heart. They became the soundtrack for a portion of my life. Even though I didn't choose any of them, and I had no say about the order they were put in, it all fits just right. And the fact that he spent all that time finding songs that he thought I would like all those years ago, and that I can still listen to them today, means a lot. It's like he'll be with me on this trip in a little way. Even though I'm far away, he will be in my thoughts almost constantly.

And really, isn't that the point of a mix tape? To make someone fall in love with you? I can tell you it works, even almost five years later.

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