Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Being Irish, today is a good day for me. I love St. Patrick's Day. I love the food, the parades, the blarney, the beer and everything that is green. Love it all.

I'm not as Irish as most people think I am, probably because it's the only part of my ancestry that I have really made any attempt to embrace. I'm more Irish than anything else, though. My kids are more Dutch than Irish, considering their paternal grandfather is 100% Dutch. But for today at least, they are Irish.

Most people would think my name was chosen because of the heritage. Not so much. 70's tv had more to do with it's selection than my family ties.

When I was in high school, I went through a phase where, for whatever reason, learning about my ancestry became very important. I think part of it was that I had many friends of different backgrounds, some of which were very connected still to their past. To the cultures, the languages, the traditions. We ate corned beef and cabbage once a year. I wanted more than that. I started reading up on Ireland, falling in love with the place from afar.

I've yet to visit the Emerald Isle. Someday, I hope to. The closest I ever got to going was a few years ago. Tom worked for a firm that had a lot of nonprofit clients back then, and we went to a lot of charity dinners. Shortly after the 9/11 tragedy, we were at a dinner, and the live auction items were trips. One of them was to Ireland, including airfare and a stay in the Four Seasons. It went for under $2000, and I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat if my husband had not been holding the paddle hostage on the other side of the table. One day, I will get there.

In college, my best friend and roommate wanted to get a tattoo. And she wanted me to get one with her. I managed to talk her out of the one she wanted to get initially, and she managed to talk me into it. But first I had to figure out what I wanted. She never did get one, but I did. A four leaf clover. I reasoned that I would never outgrow it, and thus far I haven't. (By the way, you still owe me for that one girl!)

Up until this year, I have cooked a traditional Irish dinner and made soda bread for the preschool. It didn't happen this year. Too much else going on at the moment. I'm just not as organized right now as I usually am. I am, however, gearing up for a dinner here. The meat is already cooking. Bread will be made soon.

I spent this morning talking with some friends, friends who are experiencing some of the same things I am right now. And I find that my most favorite Irish proverb is ever more relevant today. I wish it for you all.

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. Even if it's just for a day, we are all Irish. Go get your green on.

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