Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'm thinking that I might be just a little bit crazy this morning.

I'm resurrecting an annual tradition. One that I used to stick to, engaging in every year that we lived in sunny Southern California. Weather wasn't an issue so much there as it is here. And back then, I only had one or two littles to contend with.

Back when I only had to lug around a chair for me and a stroller. Back when my husband would toil away at work inside a building across the street from where we staked out a spot. Back when he'd escape for a while to join us. Back when even when he wasn't there, he was close just in case I needed rescuing. Back then.

The St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Being an Irish lass, it's important to me that the kids get to see it. Hear the music, watch the dancers.

We went once here, the first year we lived here. I wanted so badly to go, and the weather was nice. I practically begged Tom to come with us, since I wasn't familiar with the route and the seating and how it all would go with three littles. He no longer worked across the street, he wouldn't be there to come rescue me if I needed him at a moment's notice. That year, he switched his weekend work day and came along.

We had a blast and all the kids fell deeply in love with the Irish dancers. Both the girls and Aidan have asked to take classes several times since.

We haven't gone since that first year we lived here. The weather has been the main reason, I suppose. There isn't much appeal in driving over an hour, hiking about a mile and sitting on the side of the road to freeze for three hours listening to whiny kids.

But this year is different. The weather is beautiful. Aidan is more than old enough to help carry the stuff. Tom's at work, yes, and far away from any parades we'd be watching. But it's okay. I learned a long time ago that I don't need to be rescued very often. Must be that Irish blood in me.

We'll be heading out soon. To enjoy some culture and sunshine. To drive and hike and sit and watch. With four kids this time.

I'm just a wee bit crazy.

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