Saturday, February 6, 2010


It's my birthday today. Which, really, isn't all that big of a deal. Once you pass 21, birthdays just become less and less fun, I think. There isn't much else to look forward to, no other milestones of significance. The only milestones left are those that just celebrate the fact that you are older. If "celebrate" is the right word for it.

I don't mind getting older. It doesn't bother me, actually. Age really is just a number.

It's tax season, so my birthday is effectively delayed until tomorrow. Tom's at work. Today really is just another day. But then it isn't. It's different for a couple reasons.

The first of which being that I am ecstatic to now share my birthday with a little boy. By now, he should be cuddling with his mama, getting ready to meet his big brother. This afternoon, I get to go meet him. I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday afternoon than holding someone new. Happy Birthday Brady!

The second reason this year is different involves something happening far away. Somewhere I once called home. A blood drive in my Dad's honor is being held today. In the rain and the wind, people will come from near and far to give. And though their gift isn't for me at all, it is. Their gifts will give my father strength and hope, a new chance to fight. And really, that's the only thing I want for my birthday this year.

Thank you all.

I love you Dad.

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