Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little (part two)

Sitting here, I am thinking about the post from this morning. About how the little things can make me so happy. About how easily I can be pleased. Then I got to thinking about other little things. How the smallest gestures can mean so much to me. How the people making them probably have no idea how much they mean. And how I need to say thank you more often.

The times that I have called on friends to help with getting the kids to or from school when life got in the way. When someone was sick, when the car wouldn't start, when my world crumbled. Thank you.

The envelope that arrives in the mail weekly from my mom, full of coupons. Thank you.

The gifts that I received for Christmas, taken almost directly off my ridiculous wish list. The purse. The magazine subscriptions. The pedicure. The gift certificate that bought the jeans that actually fit. Thank you.

The generosity of those who give us the clothes and the shoes and the toys that their children have outgrown. Thank you.

The time that many will take this weekend to donate blood in the name of my Dad. It might just be an hour of your life, but it means so much that I cannot frame the words to describe my gratitude. Thank you.

The amazing gift that a Girl Scout Cadette Troop has made here in honor of my Dad. They will be sponsoring a blood drive here locally, and have designated their cookie donations this year for those that give. To see such caring in those so young is refreshing. Thank you.

The willingness to make sure the kids get to play the sports they love. My brother and my sister-in-law especially. Thank you.

The teachers of my children who have become my dear friends, with whom I trust the lives and minds of my babies. Thank you.

The friend that will always do just this one thing. Thank you.

The plane ticket to see my Dad, arranged by a friend. The free voucher for the tv on the flight, the one that caused me to find the nearest bathroom and cry tears of gratitude for so long that I nearly missed the plane. Thank you.

I could go on for days about the little things for which I am grateful. The small pieces of kindness that fill my life with the belief that people are good, and that reassure me that I am indeed blessed to be surrounded with the people I am. I love you all. Thank you.

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