Saturday, January 30, 2010


For most people in this world, the days of the week on the calendar remain the same all year. Five weekdays in the middle, cushioned on the edges by the weekend. I don't have one of those calendars.

For most people, today is Saturday. A day off. A day of rest and relaxation. A day to spend time with your family and friends, go places, see people. Things like that. And last weekend, this day of the week was like that for me. For us. But not anymore.

Not for a while.

It's tax season. The time of year where Saturday mornings mean that the kids wake up every single week and ask me where Daddy is. They start to wonder why he is gone all the time. They are off school, he should be home too, right?

It's the time of year where birthdays and holidays, parties and celebrations must all be squeezed into one day a week. Ashley has never had a birthday party on a Saturday. If we make it to the St. Patrick's Day parade, that only means that he must work on Sunday. It's a good thing Easter already falls on a Sunday. Because if it didn't, we'd move it. We have to. There are no days off, it seems. Not now.

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