Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I have spent a lot of time crying lately, that's for sure. But in the last couple of days, there have been far more tears of gratitude than of any other emotion. In the matter of a few days, people from all parts of my past have come out of the woodwork, emerging to offer their concern and volunteering to help in any way they can.

People I have known practically since birth. People I have known only for what seems like seconds in the overall scheme of things. The children of people I have known since we were children. Friends of friends. Spouses, siblings. And even people I've never met.

Many of these people have never met my Dad, but it doesn't matter. They still want to help. For many others, it's been years since they have seen him. But that doesn't matter either. Former neighbors. Prom dates. Lab partners. Roommates. One of my friends in particular used to drive my Dad crazy - he used to teepee my house on a fairly regular basis when we were in junior high together. When I told Dad he was coming out to the blood drive too, he laughed. He figures he owes him for that roll of toilet paper stuck in the highest branches of the tree for months.

Thanks in large part to Facebook, all these people from my past are suddenly back in my life. They have joined the people in my present. And they all want to help. And I love them for that. Thank you.

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