Friday, January 22, 2010


As I'm sure you have noticed, I changed the blog again. I have a deep and long standing love of redecorating, one that obviously applies here as much as anywhere else. As much as I liked the last background, it was a little hard to read with the colors, and it was a little dark. I'm hoping that this one works better, is easier on the eyes, and greets me with happiness each day.

It was a strange coincidence that I changed the background yesterday, on the same day that I was reminded of something from my childhood. I changed the color scheme to green here, and later the same day, green was on my mind for other reasons.

I love green. Always have. Well, okay, maybe not always. As a little girl I loved pink and purple, as most little girls do. Those were my favorite colors until my parents made the mistake of telling me that there was a color in the universe called "Kelly green". That was it. From that point forward, I had a new favorite. I even made my parents paint my room that color.

My love affair with green might stem from another source though, one that is a little unusual. As a baby, I got a Kermit the Frog stuffed plush toy. The sun set and rose on that little felt frog. No idea why I was so attached to the strange little animal. But I was. Whenever people got me baby dolls, I always took the clothes off the doll and put them on Kermit. He went with me everywhere, all the time.

The most notorious Kermit appearance was at church. I had taken some of my brother's baby clothes and put them on Kermit, including shoes. If you've ever had a Kermit, you know full well that he doesn't actually have feet. Instead, he has flat felt webbed things sewn onto the bottom of his legs. Regardless, I insisted that he needed to wear shoes. At the front of the church, right after my parents had received communion, Kermit lost a shoe. And the congregation burst into laughter.

I left Kermit at my Grandma Doll's house once, and you would have thought the world had ended. After many tears and long days of waiting, he finally arrived home. Safely packed in a box, she had mailed him back to me. He had been shipped with snacks and the boxes was riddled with air holes.

With time, I outgrew Kermit. He went from being my constant companion, to being a thing stuffed under my bed, to being saved in the closet, then the attic. At some point, most likely when I was in high school, I dragged him back out. And he sat on a shelf for a while. Until it was time for me to grow up and leave home. Then, again, he went into a box. He's in a box today, though for different reasons. He's not there because I don't want to play with him or because I am embarrassed by having a toy or any of that. He's in that box because I still need him. And unlike the other stuffed animals that I brought from home and let the kids have over the years, he is mine. Just mine. And I want to keep him that way. I need to.

Now, to the coincidence. After changing things here, making them green, and in my world, happy, Kermit showed up in the most unlikely of places. Facebook. My husband took a quiz, one that told him which of the Muppets he was the most like. And the answer, by now, must not be a surprise. He is Kermit. And it's only fitting that he is. I've been in love with the guy for as long as I can remember. And I'll love him for the rest of my life. It may not be easy being green, but it sure is appealing to me.

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