Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Someone at the school district, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the holiday break needed to be an extra three days longer this year than normal. I'm not quite sure what the motivation was for the extension. All I know is that the kids really, really, really need to go back to school. Or maybe I just need them to.

I wish that the district would have consulted me about the calendar - that isn't too much to ask, is it? If it were up to me, I'd add the extra days to the Spring Break, since that is the time of year that people really want to go somewhere. That I am already planning to go somewhere. Being the brave (or crazy) mother I am, I am planning to drive to California with all the kids alone.

The kids grow antsy being here for Spring Break, since there isn't anything we can really do. Last year, it snowed the entire time. And it's still tax season during that break, so Tom is MIA. Plus,by Spring Break this year, I'll be an auntie - and it's about time for a baby fix. Though it will be a short trip, the kids only have a week off, we will go. I'd like a few more days then, and I'd really rather give these ones back. Thank you very much.

I am craving my normal routine. I am craving the hours, however short they may be, when three of the four of them at off learning and playing. I am craving some alone time with my little man. And I desperately need to clean my house. But I need to clean it without helpers, and without simultaneous destruction taking place in the next room.

Today is the last day of their break. And wouldn't you know, it is snowing. And these antsy kids are stuck inside. It's okay though. Life as normal resumes tomorrow. I'm looking forward to setting my alarm tonight.

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