Sunday, January 24, 2010


Through experiences in my life, I have learned many interesting things. Some that I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams. One comes to mind today, mostly because I drove past the inspiration for the lesson yesterday. As absolutely crazy as it may sound, I am convinced that there is magic in the most unlikely of all places. Taco Bell. Hidden deep within the layers of beans and cheese, wrapped carefully in a warm tortilla, is something mysterious. Who would have ever guessed that a burrito could have healing powers?

Burritos? Healing power? I told you it would sound crazy. And here you are, nodding your head in agreement. She's lost it. Kelly is nuts.

It's the truth. Taco Bell can heal. I can't be sure why. I don't know what they put in that stuff. All I know is that when Tom was sick, Taco Bell became an important part of my life. It became a necessary part of the daily routine. Every day after radiation, Tom had a one hour window of opportunity. While he was nauseous and sick almost all the time, he'd have about an hour in the afternoon where he could actually eat. He was hungry. And though I tried to get him to eat just about anything and everything I could think of, all he ever wanted was Taco Bell. Specifically, he wanted a bean burrito.

And so, every day, after leaving the oncologists office, we would head to the drive through. I rationalized it at the time, thinking that I should be grateful he was eating something. It was a decent source of protein, had lots of carbohydrates and a reasonable amount of fat. All in all, if you're eating only one thing a day, a bean burrito isn't really a bad choice. It kept him going. It helped him fight. It gave him strength when little else would. Ever since then, Taco Bell has held a special place in my heart.

It came as no great surprise to hear that my Dad now frequently requests Taco Bell. I really don't know what they put in that stuff. But, I'm telling you. It's magic. Don't underestimate the power of the burrito.

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