Thursday, December 24, 2009


As I sit here typing this morning, the scene outside is simply breathtaking. We have about 8 inches of snow on the ground, give or take. Though it was windy last night, it's calmed to the slight hint of a breeze. And there was enough moisture in the air after the clouds cleared that a fog formed. Still floating around in the sky, soft, fluffy clouds kissing the earth. With the fog comes the best part - the ice crystals. Every branch of every tree looks as though it's been coated with glitter overnight. When they talk of walking in a winter wonderland, it is mornings like this to which they refer.

It seems as though the cosmos, or fate, or some divine purpose is at work here in my own backyard. Someone out there knew that I had to wake up to these sights this morning. Someone knew I needed a nudge to feel Christmas. And here I am, list in hand. Ready to get all the last minute things done that I need to. Ready to see the joy on the faces of my children. Ready to share their anticipation. Ready to witness the power of believing in something magical.

Even though I'm not ready, I must be. For Christmas comes only once a year, and it, my friends, is here. Steal shared glances with your kids. Hug when the mood strikes you. Sing out loud. Kiss someone just because. Play. Laugh. Love.

Merry Christmas.

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