Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm not one to make resolutions. Most of the ones people ever make in the name of the new year are destined for failure, half hearted and broken within days. It's not that I am without flaw or imperfection. I surely am flawed. It's not that there is nothing in my life which needs improvement. Lord knows that there are many. I just don't see the purpose in screaming aloud a resolution just because it happens to be the start of the new year.

This year, instead, I am making promises to myself. Things I will push myself to accomplish, hopefully this coming year. Things that really have no attachment to any time frame. Things I want to do for me.

I promise that I will try harder to submit some of my favorite photography pieces to the fair. I've wanted to for years, and somehow always managed to miss the deadline. But if life gets in the way, there is always next year.

I promise that I will find a place to submit my writing to and do it.

I promise that I will start donating blood on a regular basis.

I promise that I will take more time for myself.

I promise that I will go to the gym more often, even if all I do is sit in the sauna and enjoy the break from chaos.

I promise that I will spend more time at the park with my kids.

What promises will you make to yourself this year?

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