Sunday, December 13, 2009


Along with the rest of the nation, I've been following the Tiger Woods story. Once only known for being the best golfer in the world, he is now know for being a cheater. A big one. It seems like every day more and more women come forward admitting to relationships with him. Another "hero" fallen.

It's nothing new. It's nothing that professional athletes haven't done forever. It's nothing that politicians haven't done forever. It's nothing that men in generally high positions of power haven't done forever. For as long as there have been marriages, there has been infidelity.

In college, I took an interesting class, during which time we debated whether human beings are really and truly intended to be monogamous creatures. And we came to the conclusion that women may very well be, but men probably weren't. Over the centuries, our society decided that men and women are supposed to be married and faithful and all that, forsaking all others. But clearly, that isn't always the case.

Many men are surely capable of being content in their married relationships. But many aren't. And it seems that an increasing number of women are straying from their partners these days. Hurting not just their spouses, but their children in the process. And, occasionally, ruining their careers. All in the name of personal satisfaction.

The difference between today and times before really isn't that more people cheat now. At least I don't think so. It's that we as a society seem to care about it more. The paparazzi, the presence of cameras everywhere, and the pervasiveness of the internet mean that it's easier to not just get caught cheating, but it's easier for everyone else to know about it instantly.

It is sad what has happened to the Woods family? Sure. I feel tremendously sad for his children. I feel sad for his wife as well, assuming of course, that she was really unaware of his propensity for this type of behavior before marrying him. Women who choose to commit to men knowing they do this, for lack of a better way to put it, get what they asked for.

But do I feel sorry for him? No. With as much as he had at stake, he still couldn't manage to control himself. On top of the world one day, a media pariah the next. Hanging up his career for an indefinite period of time so that he can work on his family. Maybe he should have thought about that before. It didn't seem to bother him before he got caught. He was never forced to reevaluate his role as husband and father until that fateful car accident. Had that not happened, no one would be talking about any of this.

In this day and age, you would think that they would know better. You would think that people this high profile would realize that the whole world is watching them. The internet and the media certainly sped the downfall of Tiger, but he started the fall himself. And he has no one else to blame.

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  1. here's my take....why is anyone surprised, let alone his wife. Money, plus fame, plus women throwing themselves at him...inevitable. Like the whole Jon & Kate plus eight....Evil harpy woman drives her douchebag of a husband away...meanwhile 8 kids are left in the chaos. But the bottom line is too much money and fame.


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