Friday, December 18, 2009


Every once in a while, I just have to do it. Sometimes it is because people ask me for advice. Sometimes they ask for clarification of an issue. Sometimes they gets themselves into a situation and need help to get out of it. And sometimes I just have to do it because there are times I have to do it. Even if no one wants to hear what I say when I do it. Sometimes, I have to put my lawyer hat on.

Most people here are shocked to find out that I have a law degree, figuring I am just like most of the other stay at home moms in the area. Most have college degrees, some left lucrative careers, but as far as I know, I am the only closet lawyer. Most times, it comes in handy. Usually, I am able to help others with their issues, or at least point them in the right direction. But there are times that I hate having such an analytical mind. Sometimes I hate asking questions that I have to ask.

I know there are people who hate it too. Who have a hard time seeing me in my lawyer hat, and distinguishing that hat from the others I wear. Mother, daughter, sister, friend. Sometimes my hats might disagree with each other. But wear them I must.

Ultimately, though, I hope that it helps people. Even if they might not see it quite that way at any given time. Lawyers are taught to see all the sides of an issue. To find options. To explore alternatives. And to seek out the best answer for their client. That's all I have ever tried to do. I'm taking my lawyer hat off for a while. I hope I don't have to put it on again any time soon. It's not something I particularly enjoy.

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