Sunday, December 27, 2009


Circulating inside each and every one of us is a precious commodity. One that we can give willingly. Something that can save the lives of others. Blood.

I've never donated blood before. I have certainly given much of my time, effort and energy to others, but have never once donated blood. I'd like to say that there are reasons, valid ones at least, for my lack of donation. But the truth is that I haven't always had one. I had problems with anemia in my teens and early twenties and had been told that I could not donate because of it. In the last 10 years or so, I've been pregnant quite a bit and thus ineligible to donate. But I haven't been pregnant all the time. And I should have donated. I will start now.

Tom was always better about it than I was. From the time he turned 18, he started donating on a fairly regular basis. He donated, that is, until he was diagnosed with cancer. No thank you, they said. He was forbidden from donating for 10 years. Those 10 years were up a few months ago, on the very same day that we got some news about another cancer.

Chemotherapy. For many it is their savior, but not without a price. It kills the good along with the bad, and right now it seems to be doing a lot of damage. As I write this, a donation from another giver is being pumped into someone I love dearly. Because of the generosity of a stranger, he will be better equipped to keep fighting.

I challenge you all to give. Call your local blood bank. You can save a life. And you never know when the day may come that you'll be on the other side.

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