Wednesday, December 9, 2009


After all the years that I have been doing this, you would think that I would know better. That there would be at least some half-hearted attempt at a minor calculation before it all begins. That I would figure out how many to get before I actually order them. To devise a way to avoid the yearly re-ordering. It seems like every year I need more. Christmas cards.

I suppose that I shouldn't complain really. I am lucky to have a large family. I am blessed to have many friends from all phases of my life. I try to keep in contact with everyone as much as is practical, and for some all that we manage are the yearly cards.

I always hated the letters that people would write and put in their cards when I was a kid. They seemed so distant and generic. Giving updates about everything their family was doing, with little relevance in my life. And then I had kids and life got busy and there wasn't time anymore to hand write out ever single letter. I started writing the letters too.

For the last however many years I have done the cards and the letters. I've told people stories about the kids, about our trips, about our life changes, and about the additions to our family. I've put a shiny, happy, positive spin on everything that happens in our lives. Made it sound good. Left out the disappointments and the failures. The illnesses and the challenges.

This year, I ordered my cards and got them in the mail yesterday. Most of them, anyway. As always seems to happen, I ran out and had to order more. As I was filling them out, I made a decision not to write a letter this year. Anyone who really cares about the minute details of my life knows them. Anyone who wonders what the kids are up to generally asks. I know many people follow this blog for family updates. And, really, I just am not in the mood this year.

If you are wondering about anything that is going on with us, ask. If you want to talk, call. If you want to anonymously follow our lives, read. All that will give you more information than any generic letter ever could.

As the holiday season is upon us, reach out to those you love. Don't settle for a photocopied letter and a stamp.

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