Friday, December 4, 2009

The Bowl

There aren't many things in this world that can put a mother's life more on immediate hold than a good old fashioned stomach virus. I had lots of things I needed to get done today, and none of that matters much right about now. Besides, now I have a chance to get some of the things done at home that I needed to work on anyway. Like the gift I need to give tomorrow morning for a friend, not even started yet. Who, me? Plan ahead? Nooooo.

Ally started it last night, and Aidan is down now too. They each know the drill. The bowl. All the time. We even have a designated bowl for just these occasions. The kids have affectionately named it the "throw-up bowl". Trouble is that we need two today.

We had a nice little break there, just about two weeks since the battle with pneumonia was over. In the meantime, we have only had to deal with teething and asthma - the usual stuff. But it looks like the germs are being shared again. Bring on the Lysol.

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