Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Book

As soon as I am done writing this today, I will be dragging out the book. Only a chosen few know which book I am talking about, but it's one that has directly resulted in my reputation this time of year. I have a reputation for making cookies for everyone. Teachers, neighbors, coworkers, family. Everyone. I even ship them in little boxes, lovingly protected by bubble wrap.

I have many cookbooks to be sure, but there is only one cookie book. It's a book that has been passed down for generations, and it was one of the things that I received on the day of my wedding. I think in many ways, my mom was happy to pass it along. She didn't have to make the cookies anymore. It was now my responsibility.

There have been years that I have baked over 10 different varieties, not even including the fudge. The biggest problem that I face now is that it seems like everyone I know has a different favorite cookie. It gets hard to eliminate any of them from list.

This year is a little different though. I'm running out of time. Today is pretty much the only day I have left to get the majority of the cookie making done. Tomorrow is the last day of school, and I have a list of teachers that gets longer every year. Partially out of necessity, I have had to trim down the total number of cookie types this year, exchanging larger batches for variety. I'm sure I will be making at least one trip to the grocery store today. I always manage to run out of something.

I've got a lot of baking to do. Wish me luck.

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