Saturday, December 26, 2009


And then it was over. All the anticipation, all the shopping, all the wrapping is done. Meals have been made, cookies baked. Wishes made, most fulfilled. And here we are, after.

The floor is littered with tiny pieces of paper and tape. Parts of new toys strewn throughout the house. Remnants of the day, ones which will be cleaned up at some point. But not until after we play. After we make sure that every single new thing is removed from it's child (and adult) proof packaging.

I know people who always rush to clean up. Who want the decorations down and put away the day after Christmas. I've never been like that. I see the value in waiting. In taking these hours not to sort and organize, but to watch and play.

I'll find the carpet again eventually. The things will find a home. The kitchen will be clean. But it can wait. It can all wait. We've got new toys to play with first.

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