Friday, November 6, 2009


Even though Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, I'm starting to get in the holiday spirit already. Maybe it's the fact that the kids sing Chrismas carols year-round. Maybe it is the relentless onslaught of catalogs arriving in the mail. Maybe it's that I have started creating lists and budgets. Maybe it's my attempts at looking forward to happy things. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. But whatever it is, it's working. I love Christmas.

In the spirit of the season (you know, the one we aren't really in yet), I started humming that song. The one about my favorite things. And I started thinking about mine. And I realized that most of my things weren't things at all.

I love super crazy tight hugs from my baby boy, who just recently figured out what a hug was.
I love arguing with my six year old over who loves who more first.
I love my husband's face when he is trying really hard not to laugh at Ally being naughty.
I love the cards my oldest son makes me, and leaves randomly around the house.
I love listening to my kids talk to my dad on the phone.
I love the smile on Ashley's face when she sees me waiting for her at the end of the day.
I love baby toes.
I love holding my sleeping babies, no matter which one.
I love the smell of candles.
I love the first sip of coffee.
I love freshly painted toenails.
I love the smell of a clean kid.
I love my contacts.
I love my dog's obsession with tennis balls.
I love pristine wood floors.
I love a quiet nighttime snowfall.
I love a crisp fall breeze.
I love a book or movie that makes me cry and laugh.
I love bunco. Not the game, but the excuse.
I love swimming, but I love a good hot tub even more.
I love bread.
I love when my car is actually clean.
I love bad TV.
I love perfume. But only in small quantities.
I love to take pictures.
I love to drive fast.
I love the fact that I can clean my house in 15 minutes if I have a really good reason.
I love containers. I really love containers.
I love football and chips and beer. And I really love salsa.
I love Kermit the Frog.
I love peaceful gardens.
I love music that reminds me of a time in my past.
I love sharks.
I love to play the Devil's Advocate.

There are many more things I love, for sure. But these are the things that came to mind just now. As the song goes....these are just a few of them. What are yours?

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