Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As I have written about before, the kids go to an IB school. Each month focuses on a different profile, one which the kids are taught about and shown how to emulate. Personality traits that won't just make them good students, but make them successful members of society later on in life. One of them is being a risk-taker. I like to think of myself as risk-taker, as an open-minded person. That I am willing to try anything. Of course, I'm not really as much as I would like to be. I just want to put myself in that category.

I have irrational fears, some so laughable they amuse people. There are many things that repulse me. That I find abhorrent. And just plain gross. Some of them are justifiable, at least in my mind. Not sure that really matters in the grand scheme of things, but it helps me feel better about my issues.

Anyone who has been around me long enough knows most of these things about me already, and will find it funny that I am airing them publicly for anyone to read.

  • I am terrified of injuring my hands or eyes. This one, I really believe, is a legitimate one. Though I might take it to a whole new level, that is. People who are double jointed make me shudder, especially if they can do it with their hands. Aidan already knows this, and he has a good time with it. He pulls his fingers backwards just so I will make that face.
  • I am even more weird about my feet. I don't have any issues with people touching them, so long as they aren't tickling me. I know many women who can't stand to have pedicures because it grosses them out. I'm fine with it, but don't mess with my toes. They bend one way only, and if the good lord wanted space between them, he would have put it there from the factory. I can't do toe spreaders. And the idea of someone moving my toes upright freaks me out.
  • I have serious control issues when it comes to any form of transportation that I am not in charge of. I almost always drive when we go somewhere, partly because I like to drive. But mostly because I can't stand to be a passive sitter. I don't do well as a passenger. I'm about this close to needing anxiety medication to ever fly. It's that bad.
  • I have issues with certain foods. Brussel sprouts are just gross, but beets are the all time biggest offender. I have friend who swear they are delicious. That's fine. I'm not eating them. And I won't even eat anything they touch, since it will be contaminated with red beet juice. Yuck.
  • I can't eat anything off a bone. Just. Can't. Do. It. I don't have issues making the food for other people. I just can't gnaw. Blech.
  • I have to smell everything before I eat it. This one is totally justified. If you've ever had food poisoning, you know this is a good thing. Of course, I probably err on the side of caution a little more than truly necessary. I will throw out any food that doesn't smell right to me, even if it's not close the the expiration date. Drives my husband crazy. Every so often, I catch one of the kids doing it, and I have to laugh. I know where they got that one from.
  • I have a totally irrational fear of potato peelers. I can't say for sure that this isn't a direct result of some childhood injury, but I sure don't remember one. I am constantly thinking that I am going to hurt myself with them. I'm way overly cautious when peeling potatoes, and it takes me forever to do it. Anyone who has ever offered to help me make dinner knows that the first thing I will delegate out is peeling.
I think we all have strange things we are afraid of, or that weird us out. At least I hope we all do. We all do, right? Right?

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