Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'm more than a little disappointed in my neighbors this morning. It seems like it gets worse every year. Our neighborhood is no fun. We are the communal equivalent of a party pooper. It's that bad.

When we first moved here, we knew that we were moving into a fairly isolated, relatively small community. New communities tend to be filled with young families, so we were told. What we didn't know was that far more than half the houses in this new development would be occupied by people without kids. Empty nesters, single people, working childless couples and retirees. Those are the people who surround us.

Sure there are families, but we are far outnumbered here. And with that comes a price. One that becomes more and more obvious as time passes. There isn't much fun going on. There was a street last night that had only one house with lights on handing out candy last night. One. There are at least 12 houses on that street.

There were more than a few houses filled with people, people who were home, yet chose to hide out in the back of their houses. Not wanting to be bothered with children. Or just not wanting to be bothered in general.

Nights like last make me miss our old neighborhood even more. Back when we had a neighborhood that actually felt like one. We had haunted houses, fire pits set up in driveways. We went through bags and bags and bags of candy. We had a great time. And here, we have dark porches. Streets full of dark porches.

I think that next year, we might be finding another place to trick or treat. Somewhere that people aren't too wrapped up in themselves to hand out candy to children, enjoying that one night a year where they get to pretend to be someone else. It's just a shame that the place we call home can't be like that.

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