Monday, November 2, 2009


A little over a week ago, we went to Miller Farm. It's a local family run farm, one that I first discovered on a field trip when Aidan was in preschool. It's a full working farm, and part of the trip includes a hayride out to the fields where you can pick your own vegetables. In the class, they would then make soup from the veggies. It was a great learning experience for the kids, and we always has a blast.

The last couple of years, Grandma Kathi got to go on the trip, since I was home taking care of younger kids. I'd been there already, and I wanted her to have some fun too. And then this year, something happened. The preschool was forbidden from going on field trips entirely, and the Farm trip wasn't going to happen. Not content to give up the trip, I organized a little trip. I invited all the preschool kids and their families, but almost no one showed up. Since it wasn't technically a school activity, I guess people didn't feel like it was important. Which is just sad. It was a bit bittersweet, since the rest of the kids weren't there.

It was Tom's first trip out and it was fun to watch. He was just as impressed with the potato harvester as the kids were, and I think he had just as good of a time as they did. I can only hope that the preschool finds a way to get that field trip back next year. It's really a shame that the grown ups in charge of the schools can't seem to comprehend what they are taking away from the kids.

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  1. I loved your pics on Facebook of your trip. And as to fieldtrips, it's all about money and liability. Buses and field trips are costly and the liability is insane. I once took three of my leadership kids from West Hills via the bus, transfered to the Orange line through the Valley, got onto the Subway to Downtown Library for a conference. You should have seen the number of releases that had to be signed. But I also got to take the same entire class to Disneyland for a leadership symposium (it was awesome). Field trips rock! And you obviously Rock as a mom too.


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