Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Month

It takes about this long every year. Generally by the time the end of September rolls around, it's in full swing. The return to school means many things in our household. The lunches, the backpacks, the homework. New clothes, new teachers. The daily list of after school activities and weekends filled with soccer games and birthday parties.

Though I certainly have learned to love the coming of the school year for reasons obvious to any parent, not everything about it is good. The stress of getting everything done and turned in to wherever it needs to be on time. The juggling of those precious hours after school and wondering how we are going to get to all the places we need to. School politics and drama. Nagging about homework.

School brings some even more unwelcome things. Germs. Lots and lots of germs. By the time the kids have been in school for four or five weeks, our house is saturated with them. In the last week alone, we've had to contend with coughs, fevers, pink eye and an apparent case of H1N1. I can't be certain as to the last one though, since the clinics in town here are out of the tests for it. It seems many other families here are fighting germs too.

We do teach kids to share. I just wish they didn't always listen.

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