Tuesday, September 1, 2009


About this time of year I start to get really nostalgic. I'm not generally one to look back at my past, wishing I could go back in time. But the beginning of September tends to do it to me. I start to miss the way things used to be. I long for the crisp autumn days spent elsewhere. Man, I had a good time in college.

College football is coming. Four more days until the first kickoff of the season, not that I am counting. Saturdays are devoted to football in my house. I start checking tv schedules weeks ahead of time. I know where to find all the regional coverage maps for major nationwide networks. All other activities are generally put on hold, planned around the games. Occasionally, we have something that we really have to do and can't be there to see the game live. Those games are recorded, and all contact with the outside world is forbidden until we watch it.

As much as I love my football team, as much as I scream at the tv, as much as I still get nervous for them, it is just not the same. Nothing can replace the feeling of being back in that stadium. Words can't describe the feeling in the air you get, following the band down Trousdale Avenue with a huge herd of fans. I don't have a flagpole to kick here. Pom poms aren't waiting for me on the couch. People would look at me funny if I spontaneously started the So Cal spell out.

Though I am far away from LA these days, my heart is still there during football season. One of the few items that gets to sit on the shelf in my family room year round is a USC football. I'll hang my flag. I'll dress my kids in their gear. And I'll change any Saturday plans I can for the next four months. Don't mind me, I'm just a superfan. Football is coming. Bring it.

Fight on!

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