Monday, September 28, 2009


It didn't take me long to realize why Tom didn't complain too much. Why he didn't put up the fight that I anticipated. Changing the kids rooms was a huge undertaking, one which we aren't entirely done with. Knowing that it would be a lot of work to move around all the furniture, including moving much of it up or down the stairs, he just started helping.

I figured that he would whine more. I figured that he'd start asking me why we were doing all this. Want to know what the point was. I fully anticipated long, leisurely breaks to be taken. I waited for the protests to begin. The refusal to move something. Never happened. And then I figured out why. The TV.

Back in San Diego, we got a big screen TV. Clearly it was not a purchase I was involved with. After the giant TV came along, we had to get a new entertainment center. Of course we needed to. It only made sense. He spent a ridiculous amount of time and energy working on the man cave, to get it just right.

When we moved to Colorado, the new house had a built-in entertainment center in the family room, and the nook for the TV was intended for a normal sized TV. There wasn't room to put the big screen in there, and I refused to let him take up an entire corner of the room just for the TV.

Begrudgingly, he agreed to put the TV upstairs in the bonus room. The movers weren't real happy with that decision since they had to haul it up there. The entertainment center was put in the office and turned into bookcases for the desk. And Tom was a little sad.

The room upstairs, over time, became multi-purpose. It was the guest room, the play room and the room with the big TV. Fast forward to this summer and the obvious need to separate the girls. And the need for that bonus room to be converted into a bedroom. The TV had to come out. And it had to go somewhere.

Tom tried to get me to agree to put it in the family room, in the place I had always been opposed to. He knew that it wasn't a battle worth fighting because he would inevitably lose, so he gave up pretty quickly. I started measuring furniture and wall space and then I did it. I told him what my plan was. I asked him if he could move the cable. His eyes lit up. The formal living room. It was a wasted space, since we never really used it anyway. And it would work.

The entertainment center that had been converted into something else was moved and transformed, magically, back into an entertainment center. The big TV was escorted down the stairs, and cables were fished through the floor. The crowing jewel, the cushy recliner, completed the move. And it was back. The man cave had been reconstructed.

And I realized why my husband was so willing to help me. He was getting something out of the deal too. 42 inches of high definition happiness, to be fully enjoyed only while reclining with a beer. The kids got their own rooms again, and Tom got his happy place back. All that work ended with a handsome reward for him. Now if he could just find that remote...

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