Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I find inspiration for the blog in the strangest places sometimes. There are days where I'm just subconsciously struggling with a topic and one appears from an item I see every day. There are days when I am prompted by something that has recently happened. There are days when I revisit an old memory and that starts it. And then there are days like today, when I'm probably just a little bit out of my senses. And I find humor in things that I shouldn't really.

Though there is no way for me to know for sure, I have H1N1. That unwelcome little cross-species virus I tried to warn my readers about months ago has come into my home. And, lucky me - I got it. Partially because it's a new virus that I have no immunity to, and partially because as a mother I have no choice but to take care of my kids whenever they are sick, I got it. At this point, it seems that half the residents of our city have it. The clinics are out of tests, the pharmacies are holding back the antivirals for the sickest, new kids are absent from school every day. It's just a good time to be had by all. Are you sensing my sarcasm?

Mostly because I feel horrible, I am trying not to prepare too much food for anyone else right now. I also am trying to prevent sharing whatever I have with the other members of my family if I can help it. And, right now, my head hurts too much to listen to whining. So, when I picked Ally up from school and she asked me three times in a row if we could go to McDonalds, I just said yes. I'm too tired to fight.

We got home and I set her up with her happy meal at the table. She asked for some ketchup and I obliged. As I sat there trying to ignore the fact that my head hurt so much it was making me nauseous just at the smell of her food, I read the back of the ketchup label. And then I laughed. Best used by date on cap. I looked at the date, and it was 12/10/10. Like we would ever have a single bottle of ketchup for over a year.

There are many, many things that a family of six can buy in bulk without fear of spoilage. And, trust me, ketchup is one of them. Especially in this house. The kids can certainly go through the condiments quickly, but at least they aren't as bad about it as their Uncle Gary. His use of ketchup should be elevated to an art form, really. Things you would never imagine putting ketchup on get a healthy dose when he's around. And though it often turns the stomach of those around him, he thoroughly enjoys it. Macaroni and cheese. Just the thought is disgusting. But the most abhorrent thing he puts it on is tacos. Who does that???

I told you I'm a bit out of it today. I laughed for a good while. Best used by...


  1. The expiration date on the box of Pumpkin Peeps I bought yesterday is May, 2011. I just ate the last one. Whew! I dodged that bullet! My personal expiration date for Peeps? 24 hours. :)

    P.S. Homemade Mac and Cheese with ketchup is yummy. It's one of very few things I eat with ketchup on it! (Fries and burgers? Yes. Hot dogs? No.)

  2. Hope you feel better soon. It sucks being Mommy and being sick. Kids don't let you rest. Normally w/ the flu, I would just suck it up and be resigned to get it. But having Rebecca makes me a little scared of her getting sick. Good thing I'm nursing, hopefully she will get immunities from me.


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