Thursday, August 6, 2009


This is my most favorite paint brush. I love this paint brush. It wasn't cheap when I bought it, and it has more than served it's purpose. It has paid it's dues. It has been with me for many years, and it has painted many rooms. It has the perfect angle to edge along the ceiling. And it shows remnants of just about every color I have used in this house.

I have already confessed several times to my love of painting. I know it's a strange thing to love, and I'm pretty sure that there has to be some genetic component of it. You see, my grandmother loved it too. I think she might have even loved it more than I do. It seemed like she was always painting something, and there are areas of her house that were probably 20 coats or more thick with paint.

She must have bestowed upon me more than just a love of painting. I like to think that I am pretty good at it too. Part of it is that I am just lazy, but part of it is attributed to skill. I don't use drop cloths. I don't use tape. And I don't make a mess. I can edge along the ceiling and corners almost perfectly by hand. Anyone who knew my Grandma Helen knew that she was the same way.

I love to paint for many reasons. I find peace and solitude in it. I love the almost instant changes that take place. The kids know to stay out of my way when I am painting. They have learned. Tom doesn't even try to help me with it, and the truth is that I really just want him to stay out of my way too. I don't want him to help and I certainly don't want him to watch. Last week I was perched with one leg on the extension ladder, the other teetering rather precariously on an upturned laundry hamper, painting part of the stairwell. Short of building scaffolding, it was the only way I could reach that last spot. Had anyone been watching, I would have been hearing about how unsafe it was, and how I was going to fall. But I didn't. And the wall is finished. I just needed to be left alone.

The kitchen is done. The stairwell is too, though I am already debating whether a new color is in my near future for it. I have paint to touch up in the dining room, then I will tackle the family room. Ceilings that vault to the second story await me there. Does it sound strange to be excited?

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  1. I am the same way, I love to paint and I wish I could do ours but Chris's dad is a contractor and Chris worked with him for YEARS, so alas I don't get to paint :-(


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