Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sometimes as a mother, you just have a feeling about something. It's hard to explain, since there isn't really any quantifiable way to measure to the accuracy of said feelings. There are just times in the lives of your children where you think something is going to happen. Sometimes this feeling is just about a clumsy kid, prone to injuries. Sometimes it's a feeling that a kid is going to inherit your need for glasses. Sometimes it's a feeling about a friendship between a child and another, one that you just know won't end well.

But sometimes, that feeling is about something more important. About something that can't be easily fixed or solved or healed. Sometimes that feeling is hard to face. Maybe a phase is not just a phase. Maybe it is really a sign of a significant issue. These are the times that I dread as a mother. The times that I just sense that there is something wrong. There is nothing more in the world that I hate more than to be right when it happens.

I hope my feelings are wrong. I hope that it is a phase. I hope that if I am not wrong, that those around me will be supportive and understanding. That they will not offer unsolicited and irrelevant advice. That they will not criticize the choices that may have to be made. That they will realize the challenges we will face. That they will not judge.

I hope I am wrong.

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  1. I hate those feelings. I think of it as woman's intuition. I get those feelings w/ hubby and extended family too. Hubby broke his collar bone last year riding his bike, before the phone call I knew something went wrong. When the phone rang I almost puked in dread of hearing what happened. I was glad it was just his collarbone. Good luck


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