Friday, July 24, 2009


I had occasion yesterday to revisit the wonder that is pregnancy. Of course, there is the scientific explanation of it all, the dividing of cells, differentiation, organ development. Having taken classes in anatomy and embryology, pregnancy and labor, biology and child development, I have a pretty good grasp of how and when things happen and in what order. Even knowing as much as I do about babies, how they are created, how they are helped along and how they grow, it is still amazing. It's still a miracle.

How a pairing of cells can transform into a separate being, with a brain and a heart within a matter of days is simply breathtaking. And, as any parent or parent-to-be can tell you, seeing and hearing that tiny flicker, that heart beating for the first time is pure magic. It's even more magical when there has been a long journey to that day, sitting in a doctor's office.

Though it is a total cliche, life really is a miracle. Babies are a blessing. Sometimes they come when we least expect them to, and sometimes they come only after years of longing. I know myself that every time I had the chance to hear the heartbeat during my routine office visits when I was pregnant, there was nothing routine about it. Even with AJ, I still cried the first time I heard it. I still was amazed at the pictures on the screen during the first ultrasound, with the tiny flickering heartbeat. I loved being pregnant.

To all those mothers out there, tired and exhausted from the daily challenges of parenting, be grateful. Find some time today to admire your creations, to be thankful for your miracles. Time to snuggle, time to count fingers and toes, time to love. Time to feel the warm sweet breath of a sleeping baby on your shoulder. Time to kiss an angel as they dream.

To all those pregnant mothers out there, hearing that racing heartbeat, cherish this time. It goes by too fast, and though you might have difficulty looking past the discomforts of pregnancy sometimes, enjoy it. You will, I promise, miss having that little partner, poking and prodding you from the inside. Soon enough you will meet that precious little baby, but as you have already learned, you've loved them since the instant you knew you were pregnant. The human heart's capacity for love is remarkable, and the instantaneous nature of it is evident the second you see that line. Unconditional love, at once.

To all those future mothers out there, hoping for a child and wondering when, have faith, have love, and have hope. For without those, there cannot be miracles.

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  1. I hate being pregnant, but I love the wonderful result. But the whole idea as you mentioned is amazing and shocking and a blessing. I am enjoying the end of this pregnancy much more than I did the first time, just because I know it ends so quickly, even though at 39 weeks one is thinking, will this ever end. Plus, this baby is so much more mellow than my first Cookie. She was a brute in the womb. Thanks for the reminder


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