Sunday, July 5, 2009


There is just something appealing about gunpowder to boys. Since I am lacking in the male gene department, I'm not quite sure what that appeal is exactly. But it's there, for sure. And it's not something that they ever outgrow.

One of the so-called benefits of moving to Colorado, at least in Tom's eyes, is that you can legally blow stuff up here. Fireworks are legal. In the city limits, there are some rules - essentially anything that stays on the ground is fair game. If it goes up into the air, you aren't supposed to have it. Of course that doesn't stop people from lighting them around here.

There were no less than 6 separate areas last night with airborne fireworks that we could see. Only one display was on the up and up, the others clearly smuggled across state lines. It didn't take but about 10 minutes after dark for the fire trucks to be racing down the main street, sirens blaring. Someone lit something on fire they weren't supposed to.

The problem with fireworks is an obvious one. They are dangerous. You light them at night, presumably in the dark. And all this is generally done after hours of drinking have transpired. Not a good combination.

My problem, clearly, is that I just don't see the huge appeal in it. They're cool and all, I suppose. But I don't have any desire to light them myself. I'm fine with leaving it to the experts. Must be that lack of a male gene.
Happy Fourth of July. Hope you all still have your fingers attached.

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