Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fly It

Birthdays are big business around here. The kids function based on an alternate calendar than us adults. They judge time in increments they can understand. One of the most commonly used methods by them is birthdays. Who's birthday is next? When is my birthday? Who else needs to have their birthday before mine comes?

I have calendars printed every year that have the birthdays of our family members on them, and the kids are keenly aware of when it is someone's big day. They were well aware of the fact that yesterday was Uncle Gary's birthday.

We were out a few days ago, rounding up the last pieces of Gary's present when the kids asked if we were going to see Uncle Gary. They were sad when I told them no. He's at his home in California, and we are here. They decided that we should make him a cake, and pretend. It's his birthday, after all - and everyone is supposed to have a birthday cake, right?

After some debate, we settled on cupcakes. We settled on cupcakes for a reason, which I will save for later. I made the cupcakes and frosted them, the kids eager to lick spoons and sample the finished product. We even found a fancy dish to put one in and take a picture to send it to Uncle Gary.

We celebrated Uncle Gary's birthday, even though he wasn't here for the party. It wasn't for lack of trying. And it wasn't for lack of originality and creativity.

You see, cupcakes apparently are easy to transport in the eyes of a six year old. Ashley wanted to make sure he got one. She desperately wanted to tie one to a balloon and "fly it" to Uncle Gary. Told you there was a reason we had to make cupcakes. ;)

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