Thursday, June 18, 2009


Leaving the house to go anywhere with four kids is an adventure. Leaving the house to go multiple places is an organizational nightmare. Here is a peek into my mornings lately.

6:00am - Feed AJ for the second or third time, try to go back to sleep
6:12am - Ally appears, pokes AJ, who has just fallen back to sleep
6:25am - AJ wakes up and decides to try climbing off the bed, I no longer attempt to shut one eye
6:27am - Ashley makes an appearance, twirling her hair, still half asleep
6:28am - Ally and Ashley start kicking each other, fighting over the blankets
6:29am - I give up and get up. Turn off the alarm...don't need it today.

After downing at least one cup of coffee and dishing out breakfast at least twice to the girls (yes, they generally eat breakfast twice), I have to go wake Aidan up for the first time, usually around 7:00am.

7:03am - Put AJ in the crib
7:06am - Get in the shower - "Mom, I want to take a shower!" Fine, get your towels.
7:12am - Get dressed, wake Aidan up for the second time
7:16am - Brush hair, brush girls hair, do girls hair, insert required hair pretties, argue about whether that hair pretty matches, re-insert required hair pretties.
7:21am - Wake Aidan up for the last time. Steal blankets. Threaten to leave without him.
7:25am - Realize that AJ is now fast asleep in the crib. Wake up angry baby. Change angry baby.
7:29am - Tell girls they need to get shoes on. No, you cannot wear high heels to the pool. Because I said so.
7:30am - Tell Aidan to turn off the TV. Did you get dressed? No. Did you eat? No. Do you have your swim bag ready? No. Sigh audibly. Repeat.
7:31am - Give fake 5 minute warning.
7:33am - Fill up Tinkerbell coffee cup, realize I didn't eat breakfast, decide that half frozen Eggo waffles constitute breakfast in some cultures.
7:35am - Crawl on floor looking for matches of shoes, goggles and pacifiers
7:37am - Decide that it doesn't really matter if Ally's bikini top doesn't match the bottom. It's on.
7:40am - Put angry, sleepy baby in car seat.
7:45am - Final warning. Get in the car. Get in the car now. Get in the car right now. You don't need your purse. No, you can't bring your Leapster.
7:47am - Pack half the snacks in the pantry, fill up water bottles and grab Cheerios. Get in car. Realize coffee cup is still in the house.
7:48am - Get out of car. Grab coffee and half frozen waffles. Breakfast of champions.
7:50am - The doors are closed. If it isn't in the car, it isn't going with us today.

It's not even 8am yet, and I'm already exhausted.

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