Monday, May 4, 2009


I spent the better part of the morning pulling weeds yesterday. The weather here in Colorado is such that the year is split into two parts. The part of the year where you have yardwork to do, and the part of the year where you don't.

In the fall, the sprinklers get blown out, the bushes get cut back, and the grass gets aerated and cut for the last time. Throw on that last step of winterizer for the lawn, and that's it. The grass goes dormant, as do the plants. The trees lose their leaves and turn into sticks swaying in the wind. When it's all done, we can sit back and relax for about six months.

Spring brings with it a lot of work. And spring has to wait until tax season is over. While our neighbors might get their yards going weeks before the 15th, ours always waits. Sometimes is it painfully obvious that we are the last in the neighborhood. The last ones with yellow, thatchy grass. Especially when we live near people who have professionally landscaped yards, the people who are out there working on it all the time. The people who have green grass weeks before anyone else could dream of it.

Getting the yard back up and going is no small task. It's a good thing that we get all that time off, because we more than make up for it in the spring and summer. The grass again needs aerated, the sprinklers need turned on and adjusted. The lawn needs a few treatments of fertilizer, and the roses need to be fed. For years now, I have bummed used coffee grounds from the local Starbucks for the roses. I planted 6 bareroot rosebushes a few years ago, and all but one made it. By mid summer, we'll have beautiful roses again. Like me, they need their coffee to wake up.

At the peak times in the growing season, the grass could be cut twice a week. And the weeds really should be pulled as often. It's amazing how fast they grow here. I don't really mind doing it though. Getting out there, dirt under my fingernails. Conquering the entire yard, front and back can take hours. But it's worth it to see a weed-free yard. Even knowing that it will only last a few days. It's a good thing the weather is gorgeous here in the summer, because I'm going to be out there a lot.

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