Saturday, May 9, 2009

8 hours, 40 minutes

There are 8 hours and 40 minutes left until I get to go out. By myself. I get to go out to dinner and have a drink without the kids! Cleverly disguised as a thank-you dinner for the Daisy leaders, there is a small group of us moms headed out for the night. A break from our duties, a chance to unwind. A break that is long overdue.

The women that head up the Daisy Troop that Ashley is in are very similar to me in a lot of ways. The moms that step up and ask if they can help, that take on projects, that are always bringing in something to school or volunteering. The moms that often seem to live in the car, taking one kid here and another kid there. The moms that understand just how important it is to be there. How important it is to see what they are doing, to know their friends, to be involved and to really know what is going on at school.

These are the moms that don't have much time for themselves. The ones that long ago gave up on salon haircuts and pedicures. The moms that drive the dirty, beat up minivans in the parking lot. Who frequently sacrifice sleep for the sake of cupcakes, weekly folders, class projects and sleepover parties. The moms who will always, always volunteer to take something else on when no one else will. Given the choice between me doing it or it not getting done at all, I will do it. And so will they.

The moms that try desperately to squeeze in a little time for a hobby or craft that doesn't involve glitter glue. The moms who appreciate the wonder and necessity of coffee. The moms who love to read books without cartoon characters in them, but rarely have the chance. The moms with piles of laundry left sitting for days this week like I did. Too much else to do. Too many things more important. Too many opportunities to be there. Too many chances to be mom.

To my friends, my cohorts, my partners in crime, I say thank you. Thank you for being the fabulous teachers, leaders and women that you all are. Thank you for caring about my children, and thank you for sharing yours with me. Cheers!

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