Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

There are some things I've tried to teach the kids that you aren't supposed to do. You aren't supposed to go outside without shoes. You aren't supposed to leave the bathroom without washing your hands. You aren't supposed to go to bed without brushing your teeth. And you certainly don't go anywhere without your underwear on.

That's why the series of unfortunate events that transpired yesterday was so confusing and amusing for the girls. The didn't expect me to break one of my rules.

We went to lunch before taking Grandma Judy to the airport, and at some point during that lunch, the long skirt I was wearing must have come into contact with gum. If I had to put money on where the gum came from, I can virtually guarantee that it was from Ally. Anyway, the gum got on the skirt, and I didn't notice. Not in time, anyway.

We got back in the car and dropped Grandma off, then went to Babies R Us to get some spoons and cups for the baby. When I got out of the car, I quickly realized that something was indeed very wrong. And I very quickly realized that it involved gum. Except it wasn't on just my skirt.

Since it was on the area of my skirt that I had been sitting on in the car, you can just imagine where the gum went. Let's just say it isn't a place you want gum to end up. I took the girls and the baby to the bathroom and had Aidan wait in the hallway. There was only one solution - and it involved breaking one of my rules. I had to go commando.

The look on Ashley's face was priceless. But, I don't understand mommy! How can you go out in the store without panties on? Leave it to the 3 year old to announce it to everyone. We walked out of the bathroom and she says in her least discreet voice, "Mommy, what if people see your butt?!?!"

Just add it to the very long list of things I never thought would happen to me as a direct result of having kids. Luckily it was a long skirt.

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