Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finding Time

It seems that every major holiday that rolls around is fraught with a million things to do. Extra activities, special meals, things at school to do. In our house, St. Patrick's Day is a major holiday. Yesterday, the kids had to wear green for St. Patty's of course. A few years ago, I made some little ruffled capris with shamrocks for the girls and found an easy peasant dress pattern. Cheap, and didn't take long, plus they came out cute. They don't get worn all that often obviously, but they already have quite a few years of use.

While we were at school in the morning yesterday I overheard some of the other moms talking about the girls. How cute they always look and how they could never justify spending as much money as I must on seasonal stuff. That it must be only because there are two of them to wear it. One of them, who knows me better than the others, chimed in that she was pretty sure I had made the outfits.

They stared at me a bit, shaking their heads in disbelief. Here I am standing with the baby in one arm and a huge bag full of homemade Irish food for the preschool in the other. One mom commented on how there was just no way that I had time to make the girls clothes, cook for the entire preschool and do all the other stuff that comes with having 4 kids. But the simple truth is that I do.

It's not that I have free time to do these things. Because, clearly, free time is not something in my vocabulary anymore. I can't remember the last time I did anything just for myself beyond a quick 5 minute pedicure at home. I guess you could call the blog my me-time, but even that is misleading. Most of the time, I am typing with one hand or with someone on my lap.

The only way that I find time to do these things is that I have to make the time. St. Patrick's Day in particular is important to me. I want the kids to know about their Irish heritage and share it with their classmates. I don't want the kids to think that being Irish is just about having food dyed green one day a year.

One of the things that has become crystal clear to me, especially since the baby was born, is that I have to make a concerted effort to do the things that are important to me. I have to find time. If that means I sleep a little less, so be it.

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