Friday, March 20, 2009


Oh, the things a girl will do for shoes. Crocs is based out of Boulder, and they have a warehouse here in town. A few times a year, they have a warehouse sale and you can get all different kinds of shoes for a fraction of the normal retail price. I've heard about the sale before, but never went for some reason. Until yesterday.

Let's just say it was an adventure in shopping. Worse than Black Friday, which is pretty hard! Kathi and I went with the girls and the baby, not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into. We should have been tipped off by the huge line to get in and the traffic police on the street that it was going to be crowded.

The weather was gorgeous, so waiting in line outside wasn't a bad thing. Patience is a virtue, right? Too bad that the girls aren't very virtuous. They got antsy within minutes. When we came around the corner and the port-a-potties were in view, the power of suggestion took over. The girls are bathroom tourists, and even if they don't really have to go, they have to go. They also could care less if it is a nasty portable toilet - they still have to go.

After waiting for about 40 minutes to get in, I lugged the stroller up the stairs and we were handed an economy size trash bag. As soon as we got inside the warehouse, it was pretty clear that this wasn't going to be easy or fun. Tons of people, everywhere. The aisles were so narrow that I could hardly get the stroller through them. And never underestimate the rudeness of a woman on a shoe mission - there were a few that practically climbed over the stroller. Really? Climbing over a baby just to get a pair of shoes?

After a little while, Kathi was done. Warehouse sales and claustrophobia don't mix well! She found a spot to sit in the middle and kept the girls and the stroller with her. I found a few more treasures and we made our way out to the cash registers. I did get quite a few good deals.

I really wanted to look for some of the shoes for myself, but couldn't get over into those sections at all with the stroller. So, I might go back this weekend to look again. But I'm not taking the kids, that is for sure. And I'm developing a strategy before I step foot in there again.

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