Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who Wants a Clean House?

I love the show Clean House. I've seen just about every episode. It is one of the few guilty pleasures I have, and I only get to watch it a few times a week. Tom can't stand the show, mostly because the host annoys him and he can't understand how people can live in super cluttered houses.

I like it for several reasons. First, the obviously voyeuristic nature of it is entertaining. It's interesting to see who gets put on shows like that, who turns them in and how they deal with the world seeing their huge mess. I know myself that even if my house was completely trashed, I would clean it non-stop if I knew someone was coming over with a camera. Gasp! It has to be so unbelievably embarrassing for the people who end up on the show - I mean, they can't honestly believe that it is normal to live like that, right?

I like it because it gives me lots of interior design and organization ideas. They are pretty creative with the organizing, especially with closets and small spaces. With the girls sharing a room, I need to be too. My kitchen is much smaller than it really should be, and I find myself reorganizing it too. The office is my sore spot, since it has to multipurpose and seems to be perpetually cluttered. I love decorating the house, and have a strange obsession with painting. I love to paint. It's kind-of therapeutic to me I think. I like the idea that I can transform something almost instantly, and I'm good at it. Just don't look in my stairwell - I got a little overambitious one day and started painting before I realized I had no way to reach to the top of the 2-story walls. Still have to figure out a way to finish that project.

I think the reason I like the show the most is that it helps prevent me from letting the house get out of control. I would be mortified if it ever looked like that when someone came over. It provides me motivation to keep things put away, in the place where they are actually supposed to be. I like that it makes me feel like my house is reasonably clean and clutter-free. And it cracks me up when the girls sing the Clean House theme song as they are picking up their toys. Nah, nah, nah, nah, yeah. :)

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