Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tax Season

I hate tax season. Really. Obviously, it a necessary evil in the accounting profession. As long as Tom stays in public accounting, there will always be tax season. It comes every year, seemingly earlier and earlier.

From the outside, people can always see how hard it is for him and offer their sympathy. And it is hard for him. He works ridiculous hours, and the stress gets worse every year. This year is particularly bad, primarily because of a shortage of employees. He's up before daylight, home long after the sun has gone to bed. I ask him what he wants for dinner, and the reply is usually, "food". He doesn't care - just provide basic nourishment.

Weekends are no longer weekends during tax season. Saturday is just another weekday - with him at work usually until at least 5 or 6. Most Sundays we are collectively just too tired to do anything.

Tax season is hard on him, certainly, but it's also hard on me. During this time of year, just about everything falls on me. It would not be so bad, except the girls always have hard time without Daddy around. They have a built in sense about when he is supposed to be home, and when he isn't, they miss him. I'm constantly explaning to them that he will be home later. I think the hardest part is that with him getting home so late, we eat dinner later. I refuse to sacrifice family meals for the sake of tax season, and so we try almost every night to eat together. As a result, the kids are up a little later, and getting them up in the morning is a little bit harder.

It will be April soon.

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