Monday, February 16, 2009

Mom Superpowers

I have superpowers. Really. Ask the kids, and they'll tell you it's true. Having kids is basically the equivalent of exposure to the radioactive goo in a comic book - instant amazing powers.

I have eyes in the back of my head, so the kids think. This is one of the superpowers that moms can fake and get away with. Aidan actually asked me once if I did, starting looking through my hair in search of the second set. I can see just about everything, and I know what they are doing, even if I'm not watching them directly. He wonders how I do this. I tell him it's magic. Never mind that it is more related to strategically placed reflective objects around the house and a very keen sense of hearing - as far as he is concerned, I have eyes in the back of my head.

The sense of hearing is a true superpower though. I can identify EVERY single sound in my house, which is no small feat considering the sheer number of things that make noise. I can tell instantly where it is coming from, what is being done with it, and I can almost always tell who is playing with it. I know when a box of legos gets dumped, when someone is riding the spring horse in the basement. I can tell immediately when one of the girls is giving a doll a bath in the sink or decides to use *real* food in the play kitchen. I don't remember having this ability before I had kids, but maybe it was just never put to good use on a daily basis.

The sense of smell also gets heightened when you become a mom. Starts in pregnancy. You know, when the smell of certain things can turn your stomach in an instant. I know when someone gets into the chapstick. I can tell when someone snuck a piece of candy. I know if someone is fibbing when they tell me they brushed their teeth. And I can tell the difference beteween a dirty diaper and gas in a split second. People always second guess me on that last one - and I'm always right, there really is a difference.

The sense of touch turns into a superpower too. No need to use thermometers, I know when someone has a fever and can tell within a half degree how high it is. My hands can rub in various lotions, creams, salves and medicines. My lips can fix most boo-boos instantly. My arms can calm a scared, sad, sick or tired child. My lap, almost always occupied, is comforting. It is home. As a mom, I have someone touching me virtually constantly. I am lucky to go to the bathroom without a tag-along or take a shower alone. While I may tire of the overuse of this sense, it is one of my most important.

One sense does suffer a bit during motherhood. The sense of taste. Most meals are eaten quickly, since we are usually in a hurry to get somewhere, or someone needs something. Lunch is often relegated to whatever leftovers the kids didn't eat. Half eaten sandwiches and bites of macaroni and cheese aren't exactly pleasing to the palate, but that is the food of motherhood. In the overall scheme of things, I'll sacrifice taste a bit for the vast increases in my abilities elsewhere.

I told you I have superpowers.

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